Proportion of Surviving and Physiological Changes of Granular ark, Tegillarca granosa to Air Exposure
Yun Kyung Shin and Tae Seok Moon
Shellfish Research Center, National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, 668‐821, Korea
Proportion of Tegillarca granosa surviving after 2-6 hrs air exposure with 12 hrs interval at 20℃ and 28℃ for 20 days showed 85-100%, 80-100%, respectively. The survival rate was somewhat lower at high temperature but not significant (p < 0.05). Subsequent exposures for 7-9 days showed survival rate of 8.0-24.1% at 20℃ and 28℃. Oxygen consumption rates and filtration rates were significantly higher for 4 to 6 hrs exposures, compared with the preceding exposures. On the other hand, at 28℃, oxygen consumption rates in adult granular ark for 6 hrs exposure during 20 days had significantly decreased. Filtration rates in study groups increased a little over extended period of exposure, compared with those in control groups, and were similar irrelevant to the time of exposure and size of experimental animals. It is concluded, in view of their viability and oxygen consumption rate during air exposure, that ark shells have quite a high resistance to air exposure with their limited range of responses.
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